Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Blog is back!

Awhile ago I started this blog to write about my son having tantrums...yeah, it was kinda mean. Recently, my friend Dennis has inspired me to start blogging again, so I'm back at it. But I won't be writing about tantrums (well, occasionally I will). I'll be writing about my kids and what I learn from them and my passions (which include film making, movies and technology).

I also get the privilege to work for the LDS Church Media Services Department (previously the Audiovisual Department) and work on the incredible Mormon Messages, so I will share those when they are posted.

We will see how I can keep up on this. At the very least it will be an outlet for me to write some of my thoughts. Find out all of my links at http://about.me/tuckerdansie. The Twitters, the Facebooks, and all the Video sites that I post too for fun too.

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