Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Having a baby is hard...for the dad!

This last week I was blessed with my 4th child, a daughter.

That makes 3 girls and 1 boy for those keeping score. Let me start off by saying that my wife is a rockstar at baby delivering. I don't know how she does it. But...

After taking the 3 other kids for the day and night I realized something as I got them off to school and various places the next day and then returned to my wife at the hospital. She was well rested and looking GREAT! That's because at night she sends the baby off to the nursery and the nurses just bring the baby in when she is ready to eat and then take her away when she's done. Not to mention the drugs she's on the whole time.

In the meantime, I'm at home doing a job that I am SO not qualified to do. Trying to find clothes that match (I'm partially color-blind, so I'm sure my daughter looked great at school). Trying to style 2 girls hair (my 2 day crash course at Cameo college of beauty was NOT worth the money). And trying to entertain a 3 year old (I've swallowed my pride and realized that dad is only fun in short bursts).

So, listen. My wife is amazing. She's been in training now for 8 years and I'm expected to figure this out overnight? I'd much rather be in the hospital with the drugs...

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kecia said...

your wife is a rockstar! glad to see the blog back!Now if you could get your wife to restart hers!ha ha!